I work in collaboration with clients to design and deliver strategies and transformation plans, taking time to understand needs fully and be clear about the results the client organisation wants for its services and the public who use them.

All assignments are managed as a project with an agreed proposal, sign-offs, milestones and deliverables.

Strategy Development

Develop vision and strategic goals for health and social care integration, service redesign and organisational development, including collaborations between organisations

• Led evaluation of current service provision to understand opportunities for service redesign [CS3]

• Worked with Board members to capture a range of views about business opportunities and facilitated a Board session that resulted in four strategic priorities being agreed to improve care and improve the sustainability of primary care [CS5]
• Evaluated leadership and infrastructure of primary care company and set out opportunities to create a more sustainable organisation that provided good value for patients [CS5]
• Championed engagement between health, social care and voluntary sector providers and commissioners to develop a sound shared vision for primary and community care for a population of 160,000. [CS1]

Programme Design

Translate strategic objectives into deliverable project and programme plans, including incorporating statutory obligations, and meeting cost reduction goals, to enable effective implementation

• Negotiated QIPP schemes for planned care with, contributing £xx towards CCG’s savings target and ensured these schemes were delivered using a controlled project methodology [CS6]
• Designed and deployed a process for evaluating potential future configuration of minor injuries units, urgent care centres and community beds provision. [CS3]

• established a PMO to deploy new model following a successful bid for £8.2m funding to deploy a new model of integrated primary, acute and community care and [CS1]
• Introduced a tailored PMO methodology and for QIPP and transformation plans, resulting in robust governance and increased assurance to Governing Body [CS2]

• Defined schemes to deliver greatest impact for patient care, negotiating resource and organising schemes so that for each there was clear definition of outputs, benefits, milestones, dependencies and resource requirements [CS7]

Programme Management and Leadership

Establish PMO and facilitate engagement with leaders and other stakeholders, alongside establishing programme rigour. Provider leaders with coaching, team development and technical expertise as required, to support delivery of the milestones. Effectively manage risk, deliver outcomes and provide robust assurance throughout programme.

• Led commissioning team to deliver a challenging transformation programme for Planned Care – including cancer, end of life, musculoskeletal services, diagnostics, and referral management for several elective care pathways [CS2]
• Active participation in CCG’s QIPP action group delivering, QIPP schemes worth £xxm [CS2]
• Initiated joint planning with Head of Contracting, resulting in reduced risk to Planned Care Programme delivery and commissioning round timetable [CS2]
• Effectively managed risk including compliance with statutory and NHS England requirements for public service transformation [CS3]
• Defined, prioritised and deployed potential schemes to deliver greatest impact for patients – xx xx xx[CS4]
• Provided reliable assurance to Executive Directors relating to progress and risks to delivery, facilitating discussion and decision-making to ensure outputs and benefits delivered in a £12m two year CQUIN Programme[CS7]
• Supported corporate leads to deliver improved performance in clinical care by providing coaching, assisting with barriers to change and escalating issues in a controlled way [CS7]
• Addressed the Board’s issues with governance and risk management by introducing robust risk management policy and process [CS5]

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