Commissioning Lead, Health and Social Care Integration

This assignment’s scope was a nine month interim management role to support the CCG’s clinical lead to progress integration of health and social care services, and improve patients’ experience of care for the local CCG population of 160,000.


Despite high level commitment from health and social care system leaders to working together deploy a new model of primary and community care, in practice the organisations had not been effective at developing a model together.  Utilising my experience in building collaborations, I listened to key stakeholders’ ideas and concerns, and started to build consensus between the local providers of primary, community, acute and social care for a single, shared model.  I delivered coaching to two senior leaders to grow their confidence in sharing information and ideas more openly with other providers, and to develop competence in strategic thinking and problem solving.   I also spent time with front line staff so that I had a complete picture of the local opportunities and barriers to change.


Building on the trust I was developing with individuals at all levels, I set up a series of meetings and workshops for stakeholder groups representing patients and provider organisations.  Together they agreed a set of principles to underpin the development of a new model of care that encompassed primary, community, acute and social care.  With the CCG’s GP lead I set out some options for new ways of working that would deploy these principles, and was able to facilitate agreement of a new model between the stakeholders and within the CCG.


We submitted a successful joint bid for ‘Vanguard’ funding of £8.2m to deploy the new model.  This was used to establish a PMO to manage the individual projects contributing to delivering the model, and to fund clinical posts that would enable the model to be tried in a small area before going live across the CCG patch.  Despite difficulties from a lower allocation in year 2, the new model is now in place across the whole CCG area and GPs will tell you that their patients are benefiting from more coherent care in their homes,  fewer delays in seeing the community nursing team, and quicker access to mental health assessments and care.